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    Hey IR, how does the HTTP commands work, is there any pre cashe, temp files or other created when and while using these functions? I am trying to create a little app for a web service what is 100% off the record, it wont even let user with windows 10 and a likes access it, so I trying to make accessing it also as clean and privacy safe as I can my side, I don't think its that possible as anyone trying to interjecting my code would be able to do things but still I enjoy encryption and privacy tasks at times and this was one I was asked to take up,

    I can use the IE plugin as that tracks the **** out of things, well windows these days is just a hunnie pot of tracking, storing and keylogging but I not here to talk about windows 10

    I know I can set my own temp and my own headers with wget but interesting in AMS, this is not important no major project I was asked can it be done so I said I give it a look in to, here is me
    asking and looking in to it

    I don't have source code of the api the user wants me to trigger so I just need to make sure the http requests are clean as ever but also do trace to the end user at all.
    Plugins or Sources MokoX
    BunnyHop Here