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Was there a max value that could be returned by System.GetDisplayInfo()

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  • Was there a max value that could be returned by System.GetDisplayInfo()

    I've been retired for some years now and I have a lot of time on my hands so I dug my last copy of AMS ( out and installed it on my new Win10 desktop just to see if I could make it run and if so, what I could remember of how to use it. Up to now it's working although I suspect it shouldn't be but there's an odd thing happening. At startup I'm getting my screen resolution and then moving the window to the top of the screen at "result.Width-100" it works but the values being returned are incorrect even though it does work as expected. My display is 3840x2160 but the value returned is 2560x1440 so the aspect ratio is correct just the numbers are wrong.

    Just curiosity - what is happening? Does the function return absolute numbers or some sort of percentage measurement of the screen but with a max value set which in those days seemed to be sufficiently large.

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    Hi, I am not sure if this is a limitation of the action itself, or due to the fact that you are on Win10 using an old AutoPlay Media Studio 8.0.4 … Could you please check if this file gives you an incorrect answer as well?



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      Thanks Ulrich but neither Windows or Panda AV will allow me to run it. Even by-passing Panda AV I still get an error "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." As I said, it's just curiosity anyway


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        longedge - Are you sure you are really running 3840 x 2160? I too have a 4K monitor, but I've never seen anyone actually run a 4k at the native screen resolution like that. You'd need a magnifying glass to see anything. In general you'd run a 4K at a scaled resolution. I run 2560x1440 myself, and that's the highest I can go without needing bionic eyes. Looks incredible scaled. Still small - most would prefer 2048x1152 or something...
        AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 is Windows 10 compatible today!


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          Yes. As sure as I can be. Know what you mean about needing a magnifying glass. I run Firefox at about 150-200%. My default inage viewer = Irfanview - if I resize to screen resolution I get a 3840x2160 image. Don't know what more to say. My main interest at the moment is 4k video and I've always believed in driving monitors at native res. I just manage by zooming other apps. As I said, it actually works fine but it was just idle curiosity


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            Every now and again the fog clears and I see things clearly for a second or two. I realised earlier today what had been happening here, and that AMS was actually returning accurate figures. I have my Nvidia display monitor settings at native resolution (3840x2160) *but* I've also got Windows display settings at 150% so my effective screen res is 2560x1440. Something that can now be added to my store of useless information .