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Choosing the right Page Dimension

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  • Choosing the right Page Dimension

    Wondering what will be the optimal page dimension to set for a project?

    Is the page dimension related to screen resolution? We have 4k displays these days. So, how does one choose the right page dimension so it's compatible with any display.

    I also see maximize option in AMS 8.5. But when enabled the objects on the screen are not aligned or the images are distorted. How do we rectify this?

    Thanks for your time!

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    There is settings on each object so you can move it about the e best you need like a lets say you have search box and the bottem you can have it move rather then change size, distoration will happen if you have not made the image for the bigger sizes first, shrinking the image down in AMS is better then using a small image and making it look bad when making it bigger.

    I don't know anyone that runs there PC's at 4K resolution for desktop mod its not a productive size, but I make for 1024 by 768 screens these days I used to do it 800 by 600 and some projects will use that size depending my users but most users will have 1024 so you can make your app with that sceen size in mid and then play around with thats best for you when resizing.

    Its all about playing about with your project and the things you want it in, no one can say what's best as we are not you and we don't have the resources you want.
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      Thanks for that king. I will use a higher resolution image but can you tell me which setting for the objects are you referring to? I am only able to find Auto-resize but it doesn't do it.