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How to update files from my app

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  • How to update files from my app

    Hello people I wanted to do the following:
    Upload the new version of my program online and when the user clicked on search update it added the new files including the exe ... more or less this, I do not know how to explain it right.

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    Check out TrueUpdate, right here:



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      Ulrich Please, does have a video tutorial the Trueupdate? Or a well-explained text with source codes? Sorry, I'm a beginner.


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        There is many ways of doing this, you can make a new exe called update what will do a check for a new version, if there is a new version it will close your app, then it will download the new app installer or files how ever you program it, then have it delete the old files and replace the new files, it really depends on how you program your main app, if you program it to be all dynamic including the UI and the EXE is just a wrap that reads all this then you can make your software to work from config files or dlls or lua files, then you run them on load of the app so only thing you replace is that file.
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