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Problem "Rich Text" to show Table

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  • Problem "Rich Text" to show Table

    hello every body

    i have problem with show the persian language table in rich text.
    i use load from rtf file and in my word file , create a table with persian language and we must set right to left language decoration.

    but in project view, my table content was left to right.

    i have set the "read orde" option to "right to left"

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    Please post the *.apz of your project.



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      thank you for reply
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        Hello, thanks for the file. I was able to replicate what you see. I am not sure where the problem is, if it is a limitation of the Rich Text control, which is used in AutoPlay Media Studio for the Rich Text object, or something which could be changed in the code of AMS itself. I could not find a setting which would change the behavior. As this was never reported before, I have no high hopes that this will be changed in the near future, as it does not affect too many users.

        For now, I suggest that you export the RTF document as a filtered HTML in Word, which is what you were using in the screenshot above. Instead of working with the document in RTF format, you could display the same text formatted as HTML, and keep the desired appearance, without the inversion of the elements in the table:
        Click image for larger version

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