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USB autorun on smart tv

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  • USB autorun on smart tv

    Hi everyone

    I have a client who I have produced a company timeline for - all good so far.
    Now he wants to display the timeline on several different locations on their 'smart' tvs which have USB connections at the back of the tv.

    He (client) would like to send a USB key with the autoplay feature ready to kick in once the key is inserted to the tv.

    Has anyone ever achieved this with minimal fuss and several menu screen to get to the right option to display content from an external source?
    Does anyone know of a tv model that allows plugging a USB key in and BAM - your content displays?

    Any help or pointers appreciated.


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    I suggest that you create a movie in a video format supported natively by this TV. Once plugged in, the TV may start playback automatically, or you may need to select the input/port manually before the presentation starts.



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      smart TV's are Linux, android or custom OS so wont run AMS exe's I never seen smart TV that runs of windows 10 full, you can't install a windows 10 Iot version as its wont support exe, so like ulrich says you have to use a video mostly, also I think many TV's also stop auto boot from USB they only just started to support power over USB, it stops people from using it for hacking the tv tho it never stops people
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        Thank you both - appreciated ;-)