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  • Help File Copy While in use

    my goal copy tmp video to desktop and rename to mp4

    Normal Copying

    Windows XP = i know not working im focus windows 7
    Windows 7 = Working while in use

    using ams file cop
    Windows XP= i know not working im focus windows 7
    Windows 7 = not working while in use

    First Watching Anime full buff and dont close the tab the ????.tmp is video save in

    i copy the file to desktop before closed the tab video and rename to ????.mp4

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    sample project
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      dont closed tab the video after full buff


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        I don't think AMS is able to do this, the way it handles files, Maybe you could run it in admin mode see if that works, or try open the file with lua's native open file option. but the brower or other tools are able to lock the file from been messed with while its been copied or downloaded but a temp file wouldn't work, since its no longer called .tmp soon as its finished.

        So if that's what your trying to do I wont work as it will never be able to finish its copy since it wont be there soon as the browser finishers, but even windows has problem moving locked files.
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          thanks for reply ok i try batch command