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Application link to the default web browser assignment

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  • Application link to the default web browser assignment

    Hello everyone ;
    How does my application link to the default web browser assignment ?
    let me explain :
    For a website
    Public resource> no login/pwd to access >

    URLn = ""
    SMyDocumentsLocation = Shell.GetFolder (SHF_MYDOCUMENTS);
    T00 = {}
    T00 ["UserName"] = "MyWindowsUserName"
    t00 ["Password"] = "MyWindowsPwd"
    HTTP.DownloadSecure (urlN, sMyDocumentsLocation .. "\\ RecupFile \\ resource.txt", MODE_BINARY, 20, 443, t00, nil, nil);
    -- Download with success
    But for Private resource> connection with a login/pwd for the same file on the same website > can not be downloaded by the application and can be downloaded from the web browser
    And so how related the web cession opened to my application (The default web browser is open)

    A big thank you to you.

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    Lua is a case sensitive programming language. URLn is not the same as urlN, T00 is not t00, SMyDocumentsLocation is diffent to sMyDocumentsLocation, and so on.
    You need to write the variable names in a consistent manner, if you want your script to work.



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      Thanks to you Ulrich and sorry for the mistakes in the example (It is not the written code) The solution is to use the object web in the same application and connect to the account with; There is another method without the web object ?
      Thank you