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    Hey everyone, what are you working on, I am working on a tool what will make local like blogs in maybe a html 5 format what it will pack it up and then encrypt it with AES Crypt, It will also support in app keyboard and in app keyword so key lockers are unable to get what your doing, it wont stop screen grabbing but I am looking for screen grabber tools in the future what will run along side the tool.

    I love encryption tools and I believe we have the right to be our selves, I wanted to make a fully encrtyped tool that would upload it to a site and the app will be able to show it, but live upgrading takes two long so I thought make it little seeds, I am going to make it so the decrypted versions stay in memory or deleted soon as they have been opened in AMS.

    So what you guys working on.
    Plugins or Sources MokoX
    BunnyHop 2021 Here