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Changing the default orientation of Page.Print or DialogX.Print

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  • Changing the default orientation of Page.Print or DialogX.Print


    I have a dialog with the dimensions 850(w) x 1100(h). I use this to print a document I have created within AMS. When I use DialogX.Print(true,true) showing the print dialog, I have to manually change the orientation from landscape to portrait. And if I use false (don't show print dialog), it also defaults to landscape.

    Is there a way to force it to print portrait? Even when I loop through a table printing multiple things, I have to change it every time.

    When I send something to the printer from the same computer using something like Word, it always defaults to portrait.


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    I think I must have finally stumped Ulrich!

    Since asking the question, I also tried creating a new project from scratch having "portrait" dimensions. After using the Page.Print feature, the print settings still defaulted to Landscape.

    According to the documentation, if you print without the print dialog, AMS is supposed to auto-select the appropriate print orientation.

    Still looking for a way to force AMS to print portrait if anyone can help.