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Inserting images into AMS 8.5.10 project the porogram crashes/locks up

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  • Inserting images into AMS 8.5.10 project the porogram crashes/locks up

    This crashing started about 2 weeks ago. Working with Windows 10 Enterprise. It does not matter which section of the project I try to insert an image. Every time the window pops up to allow me to choose an image the window is empty and it sits there with the windows circle running (thinking icon) trying to load images and locks up AMS. I have checked the forum and the only topic found was in 2006 with PNG files. I have ensured there are no PNG files in both the program image folder and the windows picture folder. I have uninstalled AMS 3 times with no success. I have tried it on another PC (windows 10 home) same results. I have disconnected from any networks to remove searching the network to sync files. My project is located in the root directory (C I have used this software for the last 10 years and never had this issue. As far as I can see I am alone with this problem as far as forum topics go. Any help with this would be wonderful.

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    What you describe sounds like you might have a file in the current folder which is corrupted or invalid, and as soon as AutoPlay Media Studio attempts to build the thumbnail, it crashes.
    With AutoPlay Media Studio closed, please try this as a workaround:

    1) Locate the AppData.ini file, normally located in C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\IndigoRose\AutoPlay Media Studio\8.0

    2) Delete the file.

    3) Now open AutoPlay Media Studio again, and create a new, empty project using the blank template.

    4) Open the dialog to insert an image, but do not actually insert one. Instead, first change the "Views" selection (the rightmost button at the top), and select "Details" from the options. Now you should see a list of files instead of thumbnails in the dialog.

    5) Now navigate back to the folder where you were attempting to insert an image from, and check if the folder contents can be listed. If the program lists the contents of the folder, try to insert any image.

    Assuming that this worked, now go back to your actual project, and repeat the operation there, inserting the image using the file list instead of the thumbnails.

    If this works, then it appears that somehow the program used to provide the thumbnails of the objects in the folder is having issues with at least one file, or that there is another product installed that is causing conflicts. MysticThumbs, just as an example, is known to cause problems in AutoPlay Media Studio. Removing the third party thumbnail maker may fix this issue.



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      ive had some interesting results with images.. like trying to get them to stretch to the wondow size using the Background="image.jpg' & FITTOPAGE which just didn't work. the images stayed full size which sometimes was small

      Quirkly lil beasty this thing.. i tell ya.


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        micky mouse resolution was to just set an actual image as the background and just update / replace that instead of trying to use coding methods.