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How to send email?

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  • How to send email?

    Hello everyone.. newbie here.. anyone can help me with my small project about sending an email using the ams app/exe?
    thank you so much..

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    hello telco,

    I do not know exactly what you intend to do, but in the documentation this function may help you perhaps.

    Opens the user's default email client with an email address in the "To" field. Example 1

    File.OpenEmail("[email protected]?subject=I need help", SW_MAXIMIZE);
    Opens the user's default email client, with "[email protected]" in the To: field and "I need help" in the subject line, and maximizes the email client's program window. Example 2

    File.OpenEmail("[email protected]");
    Opens the user's default email client, with "[email protected]" in the To: field. The email program's window is opened normally (not minimized or maximized). Example 3

    File.OpenEmail("[email protected]?subject=Thanks %21");
    Sends an email to me, using the user's default email client, with "Thanks!" automatically entered in the subject line.
    Note: The exclamation mark is URL encoded as %21 because ! is a special character in URLs.

    Also you can search in the forum for some plugings.


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      Hi, Search the forums for an SMTP example. That send email from the App directly, no human intervention with mail clients etc.

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        Hello thanks for all your inputs/ideas/help.. i will study it first and back if i need some help.. you guys are very helpful...