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A Simple Color Palette Creator for Autoplay Media Studio.

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  • A Simple Color Palette Creator for Autoplay Media Studio.

    Having no luck in finding an easy way to get color codes I have made a small app which can do this for me
    I will upload here shortly as well for others.

    [description to follow]

    Red = 500;
    White = 16777215;
    Black = 0;
    if condition == true then

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    Click image for larger version

Name:	ColorpaletteSplash.jpg
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ID:	298173

    Name: Color Palette Creator v1.0
    Author: Curious1


    CPC basically allows you to custom create your own personal
    "Color Palette" for use with AutoPlayMedia Studio.

    Since Colors are a Peculiar issue with regards to APMS and not being
    able to find anything online in regards to speciffic color-codes
    CPC was born

    How it works:

    Basically you cycle through numbers using an incremented value. Once you find the Color you want > click on the [Save Button]. The Color is add to the List Box and saved to the color-palette.ini file for later use.

    once you have found and saved your color palette you can enter it into
    your APMS Pre-Load Script and then use the Color-Codes when referencing various Objects through out.

    that's it!

    hope this was helpful.


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      a sample read out whilst looking for the "Grey's" part of the Color Spectrum...

      pink 2=16140272
      pink 3=16140282


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        removed annoying Trance sound from it..

        also note that you can hold your finger on the enter key when in the increment box to auto cycle through color ranges.. works good with 100~1000 ranges..

        new upload: (Removed sound effect from CPC)


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          Nice to see AMS is still be used as anything today let alone a little tool
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            Originally posted by kingzooly View Post
            Nice to see AMS is still be used as anything today let alone a little tool
            Well tbh not too sure what replacements are available lol. Have been interested in and using on and off APMS for several years about 20 I guess.. I think its been around that long lmao. originally I was introduced to it by a friend who done some very basic but very cool demo CD's .. I was intrigued by it and started playing with it here and there.

            Not sure why Production has stopped and the shop still promoting it but I have already got several ideas to bring her back upto scratch.

            guessing that the whole security thing put alot of major players off of it .. but hey .. leave it to them to work out how to secure their apps. For what it is and what its capable of its still an Awesome Program.

            on the downside it is very Frankensteiny with bits and pieces from everywhere wrapped into one. But for the most part its very cool. somewhat frustrating but very cool.

            I was recently looking for a quick RAD tool for a small project , and APMS fit the profile so I will get it done and see what becomes of it. If it is successful which I hope it will be then I will be back with the demo in hand.

            some minor issues that ive come into so far have been..

            -Color's ofc which gave birth to ehem ^that
            -Resizing Windows .. Still a bug where I can't from some reason get the width of the window to adjust ... it snaps back to some pre-defined possition..
            -the Webbrowser component is way outdated and fails miserably
            -the Rich Text Editor Needs to be fixed as several bugs and is not capable of loading images. And could do with a slight overhaul.
            -getting boolean data to string is a nightmare.. yay lua. ie; can't assign true to a variable and then say hey print variable.. ERROR,...
            -accessing objects on different windows/pages/dialogs is nerfed to the nth degree but a possible fix could be to allocate each page/dialog by its wndHandle at runtime and allow users to access objects on each window/dialog by typing something like;

            window1.xButton.SetProperties("whatever",{Backgrou ndcolor=Orange})

            umm yeah , so multiple hurdles to get through .. but has been educational to say the least .. and although I am Amatuer coder at best I have been able to mock up a project or 2 with what is available.

            I did notice also that lua have updated their binaires from 51 to 53 and had a play by downloading and renaming 53 to 51 and well it works ..

            yeah but thanks , and to the developers , to bring her back to life.. drop the price to around $100 USD per single licences.
            this should get a whole lot more interest in APMS and is more affordable to the average joe who likes to dabble here and there.
            also note that although you are reducing the prices , you get more sales which creates more turnover.

            perhaps even have some kind of 12 month thing where it costs $100 per anum , including updates. so people can keep up to date for 12 months then after that they would need to purchase another subscription for the following year @ perhaps $50~$100 or something.

            anyway , thanks for the feedback and yeah I did notice that the forums are rather dormant atm.

            I'll help where/when I can.. to get them populated again

            BTW: really need an [edit] button enabled in here ... for starters.


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              Believe it or not I am making a custom launcher for minecraft well a tool that will write all the configs for new comers and so on, supporting both offline servers aka crecked servers and online, I just got the offcial java launcher to work with it so it's all good.

              I love AMS and it still works good with windows 10 so I not going to let it go anywhere I still use it, I use it about once every few months when I have no projects on when I have projects it can be ever day

              The web brower elament is **** and yes you can about the boolean stuff, ya other page access is a pain at times, but we can work around all of that

              I would love them to drop the price and tweak it lol I could get loads of people to buy it if it was way much cheaper.
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                Hi,Isn't build in color palette good enough, anyway I have been using one called "ColorSpy" for over 20 years to find colors
                Have made this small app to show how to change colors and included some free CPickers

                Click image for larger version

Name:	CPicker01.jpg
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ID:	298192 Click image for larger version

Name:	CPicker03.jpg
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ID:	298193 Click image for larger version

Name:	CPicker05.jpg
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Size:	2.1 KB
ID:	298194 Click image for larger version

Name:	CPicker04.jpg
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Size:	1.9 KB
ID:	298195 Click image for larger version

Name:	CPicker02.jpg
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Size:	2.3 KB
ID:	298196

                download link :



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                  looks cool will have a gander at it. Am wandering if there are any listbox (alpha channel) adjustment plugins around?.. to adjust opacity of listboxes..

                  and/or grids.. havent tackeled them grids as yet.. but will do so..

                  have made some good progress in trials and errors so far.
                  kingzooly your launcher sounds cool indeed. Ive personally never played Minecraft (at least for more then 5mins) but my son did.. hes moved onto other games atm..

                  Have you dabbeled into GameMaker Studio at all? like APMS it also has alot to offer.. Combined they would make a great toolbox

                  Alas theyre both quite expensive .. Forcing low income Indy Devs to goto UnrealEngine4 which offers more then all of them for nothing..

                  thats probably why these chaps should seriously consider revamping price-structures opening APMS upto a wider audience and reaping alot more income.

                  simple math would indicate:

                  single Licence 1 developer $99 + 5% royalties with an annual subscription to updates for 20%-30% p/a

                  is alot better then $300 + 0% royalties and 6months sub with the indication to purchase again then next version...

                  people arnt gonna come back.. tbh.

                  offering this puppy for <$100 USD ofc could land 10:1 customers in the scale of things. And if any of those projects produce income then you could be in the money right there @5% of the profits (taxes considered)

                  anyway yup all good either way..



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                    I have not used it because of the price curious1 I have used other game makers before but I also made my own RPG engine in AMS, I not really bothred about making games as no game maker will ever make a good game, I made so many thing's in the past and diff apps, I just seem to come back to AMS lol also PM me and I happly send you my discord where I sometimes post links to my live stream devs and images of the builds and at times demos
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                      Bit of a lol moment when going through the help document and seeing ..


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                        curious1 from your info file
                        Since Colors are a Peculiar issue with regards to APMS and not being
                        able to find anything online in regards to speciffic color-codes
                        A quick google search found over 500+ to enter into your listbox

                        Web design resources - named colours / colors. Includes rgb and hex values for html and css.

                        Good Luck, Cheers


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                          Originally posted by curious1 View Post
                          Bit of a lol moment when going through the help document and seeing ..

                          We can over look so many things when creating things in anything, I been using something for a few years and the other day learnt something new, I can't remember what it was but it was like epic I didn't even know that nice to learn something new now and then.
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                            colc nice find , the thing that startled me for a while was the number format for colors. Which I'd never seen before. Of course just like buying a car you never notice how many similar 'cars' there are until you own one yourself.. and then you see them everywhere.Thanks for the post.

                            kingzooly indeed my friend , there has been several wow moments. but now it has plateaued out a bit as the wall has been hit (so to speak). Will revisit again if/when an opportunity arises.


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                              curious1 check this out Cheers