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Using specific admin credentials when Autoplay executable runs

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  • Using specific admin credentials when Autoplay executable runs

    So - I would like to use Autoplay Media Studio to create an executable that would do a few things on standalone workstation where the logged in user is NOT a local administrator:

    1. Uninstall a specific piece of software called Code Review
    2. Install some Zoll software
    3. Install GoToAssist Unattended Installer...

    The problem is - I need to invoke administrator rights to install or uninstall - and I don't want the end users to have that username/password as they will then install all kinds of other junk on these PCs..

    If the local admin account is called ITSupport - and the password is Test!123 - is there a way to pass these creds silently in the background when the software launches? (these are only example names)

    Also - my test example will install both products but I don't have an example of how I might uninstall something... if anyone can give me some tips about any of this it would be appreciated.

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    See the documentation for File.RunAs()...