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Version does not accept accents

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  • Version does not accept accents

    error with version with accented characters, I noticed that in the label the accent does not work

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    check your [font] settings.. ie; Arial


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      Hi KELLYRUTH to Check if it's a problem with Label Dialog you could try -
      Page On Show
      PHP Code:
      Label.SetText("Label4""your text"); 
      Have you tried using accents on Button names etc
      I have not got a non us keyboard to test, sorry


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        Just thought it worth noting that I experience the same problem. It's not just v8.5.2.0 - the same thing happens on v8.5.0.0.
        Yet it does not happen on v7.5

        The problem seems to be specific to Labels and Paragraphs - it does not occur on Buttons.

        So, it does not seem to be a keyboard-issue, nor a font-issue. It may well be a bug in v8 builds.


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          Okay, found the problem - it's not a bug.

          The problem is occurring because the default setting on the object's dropdown-menu for script has been set on Cyrillic. Just change it to Western and the problem is solved.

          1. Go to Label object's Properties window.
          2. Select Font tab
          3. In the dropdown menu for Script, change from Cyrillic to Western.

          Click image for larger version

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            Thank You uuuii


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              I will continue with the version has many problems. I thought it was my laptop but I did not


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                I still on 8.2 just cos the updates what been out since never affected me and I not paying for hole fixs lol
                Plugins or Sources MokoX
                BunnyHop Here


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                  Yes,, has a problem with font.. when i used to preview and buld my project the font is force to change to other font..
                  Example attached:

                  i think 8510 is the stable version.
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                    hi i have problem also in cyrillic font particular in Ukraine language.
                    im using
                    as you can see input accept the ukraine character but i tried this script:
                    Paragraph.SetText("Paragraph1", Input.GetText(this))
                    Label.SetText("Label1", Input.GetText(this))

                    the results are showing ??????