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  • What's going on here?

    What's going on with the logistics of this 'new look' forum, IR? Granted it's been a while since frequenting your neck of the cyber-woods, but there's some annoying stuff going on here:
    • What's with the view-count for Attachments being permanently stuck on '1 view'? Makes it kind of difficult to gauge the usefulness of examples offered up as assistance, yeah? (Or have we taken a leaf out of Youtube's book on this one?)
    • Complete lack of access to the Edit feature for 'non-green' types? Really??? (Couldn't you at least go back to offering it up as a feature which 'times out' after a set period?)
    • And the inline ads are REALLY annoying! Okay, I get it - revenue $$$ are good. But they're a little on the prolific side, don't ya think?

    This forum used to be awesome. And I'm not saying it's bad now. But newer ain't always better, IR. So how's about a little old-skool influence on these pages, again? Might even boost your traffic a little. Because I have to say, the numbers here are looking a little on the sad side.

    Meant as constructive criticism only. Any and all resemblance to 'whinging' (live or dead, or undead) is purely coincidental.

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    Agreed! , Several of us have commented on this recently (exact issues).

    Also due to the limitations of AMS in modern day applications it is slowly moving to the back of the HDD.

    unfortunately IR are not interested in supporting AMS anymore. They've clearly moved on to more 'Populated' cloud based projects such as Andromo.

    Shame really because with only a few new features AMS could easily rise up again to the useful Apps list.

    Maybe time for a change. Not heard much from the devs aside from interest in Bug fixing. And would not recommend AMS to newcomers for various reasons.