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How do i Protect .dat files

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  • How do i Protect .dat files

    I have build an app which all resources have been group and distributed as .dat format. I want these files encrypted after build and decrypted on runtime. I will be happy if AMS can do this otherwise i a suggestion for a third patty app too can be a good one.

    i know anything can be hacked today, but its good to have some level of protection to minize......

    Although, i dont want it run in a virtualbox. I want it accessed by the app in normal way.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Encryption / protection of project resources has been discussed at length many, many times over the years. Just do a forum search - there are countless threads on it.

    More specifically though, look into 3rd party apps like Yoda's Cryptor, Yoda's Protector, Armadillo, and my personal favourite, Molebox. Centauri Soldier (if he's still around) was/is a big fan of Molebox after I turned him onto it many years ago. So you might want to look into that one.

    For "obsfucation" as a means of "secondary/extra" protection, ask Rex (kingzooly) about a little creation of his called 'Bunnyhop'. (I think he discontinued it - but I always thought it was a cool little creation and still have a copy if you need it - and if Rex doesn't mind me passing it around).

    Seriously though, there's already a ton of threads on this topic. Happy days, my brother.


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      Sorry, just caught the bit about you not wanting 'virtualization'. Guess that puts Molebox out of the picture.
      LOL, think they might have gone 'out of business' a while back, anyway.


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        Bunnyhop is discontinued as the hex for each app was only taken from projects provided by form users or me owning the app since I only owned up to 8.2 and no one else seemed to own out right the up dated versions as I can't do it with a patch *****ed version as the code placement was not in the same place each time, so long as they have the version BH you have can patch then feel free to pass it on

        There is no real way to protect any AMS app everyone I seen creaked in a few days, end of the day they can ***** it on the lua's dll level what ams relys on so a hacked dll would drop all the projects code while it ran the app, if you want a nice safe app your going to have to use a closed system like Apple App Market or MS's windows market where the user and the dev have no control how the market owners install it to the end user.

        It's not worth your time trying to encrypt it, just make the app not store anything important call important things from a server or other means, good luck.

        I forgot I also updated the BunnyHop page to only include the last working build

        Plugins or Sources MokoX
        BunnyHop 2021 Here


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          Thanks for your advice