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status.dlg properties just refuses to display

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    For some reason, your posts are being flagged and need to be approved manually. Something in your messages is triggering this, at least for now.

    When you use the StatusDlg to display the progress of an action which could take some time to process, the fields Title, Status, Message, etc. are set by the action being performed. So instead of getting this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2017-11-26-01.png
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    you will get actually the file name being worked on, the Title of the StatusDlg, the Status and the Message will change according to the context, like this:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2017-11-26-03.png
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    You can only control the text displayed on these dialogs if you use a custom progress function, and update the fields of the dialog as desired, each time the callback function gets executed.

    Now, you wrote this:

    All I'm after doing is letting the page load up the user gets a dialog with messages items on it.
    if they click cancel it jumps to page 2. If they don't click cancel it finishes then jumps to page 2.
    This could be done easily with a DialogEx, or even with a normal Dialog.Message(), depending what you wish to show on this dialog:

    local nRes = Dialog.Message("Question", "Something here", MB_OKCANCEL);
    Check if nRes holds IDOK or IDCANCEL and jump accordingly. Or, if you prefer to use a fully designed dialog, use DialogEx and set a return code with DialogEx.Close(), which you can then test in your script to jump to the appropriate page.