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Execute JScript internally & capture output?

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  • Execute JScript internally & capture output?

    Hey guys,

    I recently stumbled across the attached JScript code which will parse the results of a Google Search, to extract & output the URLs of websites returned from that search:

    This JScript code comes from here: and its author (Chris Ainsworth) calls this script, Google SERPs Extractor. He intended it to be used from the bookmark-toolbar in Google Chrome - but has freely shared the code for anyone who wants to adapt it.

    It does work very nicely from Google Chrome's bookmark-toolbar. For example, if performing the following Google search:
    Code: will produce the following output:

    Very useful, I reckon.

    So, here's my question (and it's a bit of a doozy I'm afraid):

    Do any of you guys have an idea on how I might be able to implement this JScript directly from AMS (following an HTTPS.Submit request that retrieves the results of the initial Google search) to then capture the script's output to a table/delimited-strings?

    I was poking around with AMSWaves' old Script plugin, to see if I could cobble up a solution with this, but couldn't figure a way to do it (and the plugin is only v7-compatible anyway). I believe Reteset used to host a v8-compatible script-plugin alternative here: but that's long gone now.

    So, I'm kind of stumped for my next move.
    Any ideas, guys?
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