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  • Just a simple question


    I was looking around for this kind of software and found this one so i started looking more closely but it seems like there is a lot of dead links and not many people helping now is this softare worth buying or is it slowly dying??


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    Hi Nook (number 6),

    It depends on what you want to do whith it.
    But with a little perseverance and help from the forum, we can manage to make very successful programs in very varied fields.

    Slowly dying?? : Perhaps, it depends on future updates i think and forum users.
    Nevertheless it is very pleasant to use and can do very fun things.



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      Hi Alain

      The one thing that puts me off this program is that a lot of the links are dead to plugins etc etc and also i dont see many people adding source code or screenshots of much thats been made.
      a long time ago i used to use a program called multimedia builder which is dead now but you used to get loads of source code people putting image sets on there and loads and loads of different tutorials. you dont seem to get that here.



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        Hi Dave,

        I've been around for a while here, I own AMS and I've developed several plugins (that are still online) and I can say that the community isn't thriving anymore as it used to. Only a handful of members still lure the forums, and many plugins are taken offline.

        This community used to be really active and many professional and friendly relationships formed. I have indigorose software to thank for that, as I still am in touch with a few of them.

        Even though I won't take my plugins offline, and I'm sure other developers won't do that either, I think it's safe to say that the AMS product is dying.

        My honest opinion; looking at the price of AMS, I personally wouldn't buy it anymore. Even the renewal plan is too expensive in my opinion. There are so many great alternatives allowing for cross platform software development that are still actively maintained.

        I also think that not many developers will create a lot of new plugins for the product, or maintain existing ones for that matter.

        AMS was a great product in its days, but I think those days are over. Communities thrive, communities cease.

        Bas Groothedde
        Imagine Programming :: Blog

        AMS8 Plugins
        IMXLH Compiler


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          Hi Bas

          Thank you for your very honest reply.
          I think it is a shame from what i have seen of it, it looks a nice program to use.



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            I have to agree with with IP(Bas) here, I still use AMS alot and working on stupidly complex ideas but there slowly becoming out dated, I do it just cos I know I could, but AMS was always easy for my dyslexic brain to get around, some more complex codes and languages are lost on me lol

            The tool works fine still in windows XP up to windows 10 win no plugins, some plugins brake badly in AMS between OS's but I also don't agree it's worth it's money if you can get your hands on AMS personal ED still from somewhere and you was just making freeware I would say this is a epic tool to learn from, but there are better tools out there if you have the ability to learn.

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              So what alternatives do have ? considering that most of AMS are not programmers and benefit from the easy use of AMS .