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  • Video PLayer Template Manual

    Hi to @ll
    I am new on AutoPlay and need a little bit of help
    I can´t figure out how to create a Project using de Video Player template
    Is there any helping resource to get on it?
    Best regards

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    Welcome Boris.

    Could you be more specific about this project?

    Best regards,



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      Hi Alain
      In the trial version I am using (the latest one) there is a new template called VideoPlayr Template
      When you create a new project using that atmplate, you have a screen with imges, buttons in the lower part and a display screen in the center
      I can´t figure out how to connect the button/image (thumbnail?) whit the display screen.
      I know how to play a movie (quick action) externally and puting the video right on a new slide
      But i do not know how to use the same featuare on the new template
      Hope you can help me
      Best regards
      Boris - UIO - EC


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        Hi Boris,
        Not sure on your template unless you can post it as I haven't seen this new one yet
        Here is an example for you to check code on buttons, page Show etc it uses the media player plugin ( I think it comes with AMS)
        I have added small movies


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          Hi Boris again I found your template and have created a tutorial for you.Included are some small videos and too large to post here

          Use this link to download :

          The information button will take you to tutorial page.Please note I have compiled this project