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  • BioHazard
    Hmm, yes -seems I read his request a little hastily. Apologies, all.
    Nice example, colc.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum, Seager.
    There - who ever said I wasn't a nice guy?

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  • Alain
    Hi all,
    How are you?
    Very good example and attitude from Colc.
    Considering the activity of the forum, i think new menbers need help like us/me in the nearby past, you do not think?

    Tchin Tchin

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  • colc
    Hi Seager,
    Welcome to the forum
    Hi BioHazard, I think he is after how to associate either "pressing the button or keyboard" to run some code
    Here is a very quick example
    Btn on Key.apz


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  • BioHazard
    Normally, you'd be told to RTFM!
    But it's your first post, so you get some latitude:

    1. Look up "e_Key" in index of .chm user-manual. Go to: "Respond to Key Presses" @amshelp.chm::/How_do_I/Respond_to_Key_Presses.htm
    2. Look up "key codes" in index of .chm user-manual. Go to: "Virtual Key Codes" @amshelp.chm::/Program_Reference/Misc/Virtual_Key_Codes.htm

    Page On Key
    if e_Key == 49 then -- where Virtual Key Code '49' equals '1' on keyboard
    --do something here

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  • Seager
    started a topic Button , On Key

    Button , On Key

    Hello everyone, help the newbie
    in AutoPlay Media Studio 8 added 10 buttons how to associate their pressing with the keys for example 1 on the keyboard - to link to Button1, 2 on the keyboard - to associate with Button2, 3 on the keyboard - to associate with Button3 and so on
    I searched for a long time, I understand that it is probably the properties of the code page that you need to insert in the On Key