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  • URI Scheme's

    Has anyone got the URI Scheme's working with AMS, I have been able to get the scheme to open my APP if I do it via the run box,

    But it keeps asking me to select the blood app even if I try and set it to remember/

    No matter what I do from this point it will always ask when I run the URL scheme and browsers picked up the naming but wont open the app
    CMD dose.

    Am I missing another reg key to get this working right?

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          (Default) = "URL:RunApp Protocol"
          URL Protocol = ""
             (Default) = "VSSProtocolHandler.exe"
                   (Default) = "c:\whatever\VSSProtocolHandler.exe "%1""
    This is the reg layout but it's really not working, and I need it working without restarting steam and magnet urls both do it without restarting
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      This should help:



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        Sadly that does not help it's the same kind of info I already have had, I am on windows 10 and the not been able to set it's self as a URL default makes not sense steam and utorrent do it fine
        and utorrent's way of doing it on a version way before window 10 still works on windows 10, maybe I done something wrong somewhere I not going to stop reaserching it, I will give them links a better look over a coffee tho, thanks Ulrich.
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          I think it's something to do with the way windows 10 is reacting with it well Windows 10 Build 170x as I never had this problem on the 16x builds I aslo have a problem with file ass it lets me set the default app with windows user choice option only, hmm
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