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getting back the project after building it

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  • getting back the project after building it

    Hi !

    I have deleted the file "project.autoplay" by mistake.
    but I have already build it and can work with it.

    I have build both the exe file and an iso file.

    question is: can I get in any way my project in design format where I can open it in autoplay media and modify it.

    I still have all the CD-Root folder and can see the dll files.


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    Well you can get some of it back but not supported by AMS in any way shape or forum as it would mean hacking your exe and dropping the source code that way, but it also does not
    help create a project file, you would have to manually rebuild ur app and add you code
    Plugins or Sources MokoX


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      feeling sad....

      thanx a lot for helping


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        By default, AutoPlay Media Studio performs backups of your project file every 15 minutes, and keeps the last 10 versions, unless you disabled the option.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2018-03-13-01.png
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        Check the contents of the Autosave folder for the last version saved of your project.



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          Problem is the back ups are kept in your project folder so when you delete the project folder or project it will delete all your backups.
          Plugins or Sources MokoX