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Need Help For Create XCopy Programe

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  • Need Help For Create XCopy Programe

    I want to make Xcopy Scriped software
    1.first section for select the source
    2.seconed section for destination
    3.third for excluded file extension list

    4 . (xcopy d:\r\*.* d:\s\*.* /s/y/Exclusion_List.txt)

    i want to run above command

    Plzzzzzzzzz Help

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    Hi Xcopy is a windows "Command line utility" you cannot run it as a file.You must use a command prompt or dos batch
    Try google or read -
    Here is an example with commandline plugin - modify for your needs, remember path is: C:\Windows\System32\xcopy.exe


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      Did reteset ever write a Help file for this plugin after he made it - like before went offline?
      If so, does anyone have the documentation?


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        Also read the manual please on how to use functions, the File.Run function is very wrong, please learn AMS before taking on using other software with it, also colc you can run commandline tools via ams pretty easy without the need of the CommandLine plugin, that's only needed to grab the output, and since they can monitor the folder they are wanting to copy to and file size it's possible, I am not saying your way is wrong I just saying it's possible without :P

        But this user does need to have 5 mins of reading the manual it's been a while since I seen AMS code written so wrong.
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          Hi kingzooly I agree, but as poster is a newbie give him/her some sample code to digest if Xcopy is what is needed.(Using ams file / folder copy would probably be just as good maybe?)
          reading the manual also useful