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    Hooray, finished!

    Okay - telco, my man! First, sincere apologies for the delay. This thing has been kicking my ass up and down the block, all week long. But have finally managed to put it down for the count. (Besides which, all that ass-kicking only betters ye' kung-fu, right?)

    First, a few of things to point out:
    • Have re-simplified the GUI to reduce code convolution. This thing gets pretty logic-intense because there's 2 sets of multiple-values (ie. Listbox items & Textfile items) interacting with each other. Which to my knowledge necessarily means 'nested tables'. And they're a goddamm headache. So, simpler is better. If u still want the extra 'bells & whistles' (like in screencap above) we can always add these back in later. Best to nail down essential functions first, though.
    • In regards to Listbox 'sorting'. Ended up ditching ALL custom functions for 'sorting' because it just gets too messy. Easier to rely on inbuilt 'sort attribute' on Listbox object - whereby we can overcome the ASCII-value shortfalls by ensuring that all entries to Listbox are converted to first-letter Upper Case value. This function has been coded in for you. So all items will now 'sort' correctly (providing 'sort attribute' on Listbox object is left ON).
    • Blank lines should no longer be an issue. There's a custom LineRemoval function coded into Globals; triggered by output events. And a pre-emptive check for 'emty-strings' on input events. So, should be NO problemo.
    These things aside, am pretty sure this thing is now licked. However, best you look it over first - before it regets attitude and starts throwing ERRORS at us, all over again, LMAO!
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      Good job, The hero as usual

      keep forward man


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        Before you say anything, telco, Yes, I just saw the error on the Delete button ("attempt to get length of global tSelected - a nil value"). Which was happening if trying to delete when nothing is selected in the Listbox.

        Have fixed this - just had to move an 'end' statement. LOL, it's coming back to life already with ERROR tantrums. This thing is going to haunt me forever!

        Have started keeping an error-log to track these babies. If u encounter any more, let me know and will address. Corrected APZ re-upped and attached below.
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          Hello Bio nothing to apologize.. i just open my computer this morning. i will check this file. thanks for giving time for this.


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            @Bio thanks i think its all perfect now.. the code works find on deleting item on listbox and textfile.. Thank you so much for giving much time in all our difficulties.