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Number of records in my database hangs my application

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  • Number of records in my database hangs my application

    I have developed an application in autoplay media studio but when this application has a lot of information in the example database 40 000 records. I have noticed that the application hangs ..... hopefully there is some solution for this issue.

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    Did you read the provate message I sent you past day?


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      if you have a fix naxo you need to post it for all of use to see 40,000 records is a lot tho for a little app to deal with, are you able to maybe reduse the amount of data your asking of AMS at one time?
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        the pm sent to her is for another thing not related with this topic.

        Regarding to this issue I remember somewhere in this forum a possible solution but I cant find where....

        Anyway if you use sqlite 3 or 2 you can get the total number of records on a db and create a virtual table with numeric sections by using simmetric amount of chunks (to avoiding the "overheating" when loading that insane 40000 records at once time when loading). This could be done In the way of 0 - 100, 101-200, 201-300 and so on until the last record found in db ...With this idea you can load them from said virtual table into a for loop in a single script with the break command to run one time only and put this code when you load from for example, into a combobox (sqlite command script should be executed by loading with elseif sentence for chunks from 0 to the last record in db). In sqlite these chunks (for example every 100 records or so) loads directly into screen avoiding that problem.

        Sorry I dont have many time to put code but Im sure you both could do this easily (assuming you know sqlite and how the tables works), anyway you asked how I would do to solve it, this is one suggestion or idea what I would do.
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          thank you mister