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  • Varibles across Pages


    Im trying to take date from variables in other pages, i tried but it didnt work.

    Is there anyway to keep the data of variables between Pages, Now im using Text files to store variables data in.


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    You have to make the verbs globelly acceable so anything you save on page one lets say in _SaveMe = ""; will be be accepable in page two, but if you have closed the app and then reopened and skipped page 1 then this wouldn't work as page one would of never wrote that _SaveMe and would give you a nil vale error.

    So you would have to save it like you are to access it later, but if you are always going to page X first to set something it can be assessed on page Y later, but you have to also make sure you save it as a verb and not just put it in a object, as objects wont be acceable with there data on a new page.
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      Thank So much , I tried it before and didnt work but now it worked.

      So Any variable in any page can be used in other pages ? Like If : MyVar = "1985"; in page 1 , i can get its value in Page 2 in an input like this : Input.SetText("Input1", MyVar) ?



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        Yes long as you don't over ride that vrb on the second page or part of a global function what we all can do at times.
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          In addition to kingzooly's reply on making the variables global, I would suggest to make a global state object in the global section of the project.

          ProgramState = {
              MyVariable1 = "Hello World!";
              MyVariable2 = 1337;
              MyVariable3 = true;
          And then anywhere in your program:

          Dialog.Message("Testing!", ProgramState.MyVariable1)
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            Thank you so much IP you gave me a great useful hint, i will try it for sure.