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  • Help with button reserve

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    Hi Kellyruth a photo with error means "Jack Sh**", your database is password protected so no one can see why there is no record Id as error says
    How can any one help when you don't explain!


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      lol, you are expecting to be helped with no words, no answering pm.etc? Only one photo?

      I suggest better read the helpfile and learn sqlite better before asking anything Sorry if this is harsh for you, I hate lazy people that does not put any little efforf for example, giving any explanation, what do you want? etc..Adding that the db is passworded lol.

      I'just had the solution for your crash problem in the another post you made, so Instead publishing for you in it I discarded the apz
      I prefer seeing you do some brain squeezing on your brain. Things scripting sometimes is not easy,
      Lazyness is your sin, dude.
      Good luck


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        I already solve it, do not worry, thank you for your answers, and respect to the lord of the pm if I answered several times but I noticed that the pm do not arrive, should the administrator of the web see that topic