Can anyone tell me if it's possible to alter the default settings of the built-in script explorer window in AMS-v8?
So that it somewhat resembles how it looked in AMS-v7?


Just from a visual perspective (when analyzing code), I found the older version so much easier to work with.
LOL, maybe I'm just color-retarded or something. But I found the higher-contrasts in v7 so much easier to work with.

So, just wondering if there's something in 'settings/preferences' that I've missed, perhaps? That'll allow me to alter the appearance (ie. 'contrast') in the script-explorer window?
Or perhaps some kind of hack/workaround?


And just as an aside, I find the same thing with the new-versus-old versions of vBulletin:

vBulletin 5.2.3 (current)

vBulletin 3.7.3 (old)

Higher contrast == better all round.
LOL, and no ads in v3.7.3 either!

Arghh, I miss the old dayzzz!