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  • help Input.GetProperties

    Look for a simple example of how to use this function
    hwind = Input.GetProperties ("Input2").WindowHandle
    Please Help

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    What exactly are you trying to do here? You've not made it clear.
    At the moment, this will just return the WindowHandle and store the result in variable, hwind.
    Which can be seen via simple Dialog Message. eg.
    Dialog.Message("Notice", hwind, MB_OK, MB_ICONINFORMATION, MB_DEFBUTTON1);
    Clarify what you're trying to do.


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      See some examples of input becomes like the page where the images are inserted and others


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        It's still not clear exactly what you want. From what you've written, I can only assume that you want to load an image from an Input object - which makes little sense (loading images via a ComboBox might make more sense). The use of the both the Input object and the Image object is clearly explained in the manual. Suggest you:
        • Read the manual, first.
        • Upload an APZ demonstrating what you're trying to do.
        • Express your request in CLEAR english. This is an english-speaking forum.

        Some basic good manners wouldn't go astray, either.


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          See this example
          Input is used to open an image file
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            Originally posted by Hisham View Post
            See this example
            Input is used to open an image file
            No, in that example from my Draw plugin the Input is used to act like a parent window for the Canvas window that is created by my plugin. The Input does absolutely nothing, it merely serves as a place where the canvas can be placed in.

            See On Show, line 3:
            That is where Input1 is used to house a Canvas control in, but the Input itself is not doing anything else.
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              I know that thank you
              But how do I make the input object a host