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LUA or AMS to Arduino Uno?

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  • LUA or AMS to Arduino Uno?

    Hello to all, is anyone try to used AMS to send data to Arduino? Or is this possible using LUA or AMS?

    Thanks everyone.

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    Does the Arduino use serial ? I think there is away to talk to it via lua, but you would have to put some work in, the editor that comes with the arduino is miles better then what AMS can offer in my eyes, what's your idea tho as maybe your idea is something I haven't thought of.
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      Hello i dont know more about arduino,, just come up in my mind since i have a friend telling me that he has an arduino..


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        If you use a plugin, DLL or Lua library for serial communication then yes, you can talk to an Arduino perfectly fine. Arduino (the Atmega328p chip on the Uno) supports serial communication as do all Arduino's, however it solely depends on what is programmed onto the Arduino's chip; it's your responsibility to handle serial communication using the Serial library provided by Arduino.
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          Wow.. thats great info sir IP...
          Im planing to buy my own Arduino set.. but the problem i have no idea how to do it to communicate..