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  • format is not suported

    i can not add vedio
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    Yeah well, it does tell you right there that you're trying to load a video format that is not supported. To get around this limitation, you need to go into the AMS Data folder
    ie. C:\Program Files\AutoPlay Media Studio 8 Personal Edition\Data
    ... and add the relevant extension (for the video format that you require) to the _res_types.xml file.

    If you wish to use mp4 video, add the mp4 extension to the list under Video Extensions.
    Like this:

    Provided your target machine has the correct codec to handle that video format, it'll now work.


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      Yes if you don't have the right codec installed no matter what you edit it wont work, but your opening post is really bad and Bio was really nice to spend the time to GUESS what you wanted, When you say your unable to load something you give the full format and encoding of the file, you also tell us what codec or players already installed and the need for it, AMS is not a fix all app it was created in it's hay day as a CD menu it's made powerful thanks to lua back end

      Try harder.
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        Hey guys, that's a neat trick. Can this be done for getting around the .ogg limitation? For say .mp3's instead of being forced into using ogg format for background music?


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          Certainly can be. Just scroll down to the section for Audio Resources.
          And add it in:


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            I have never used .ogg I use .mp3, it's just dont state it's supported for legal reasons that's all.
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