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  • Best SMTP Solution for AMS

    Hi All,

    I've been searching for long for SMTP add-on for AMS, I found some, but still having some problems.

    I'm building an app that sends Cards to Trello, so what i need is only sending emails to the Trello board email.

    I found some of SMTP solutions but non of them succeeded to send Arabic content.

    The Solutions are the following :

    1- SMTP Plugin : The most clean and amazingly working like i need , but i didn't manage to send arabic content in the subject and the body , even i tried to use Encoding plugin to convert the inputs but i failed. I changed all the possible system language settings but didn't work ( Hope mindquake can help here).

    2- An Old mindquake Project that Contains a Solution without any plugin, but its more complicated and it works as an email Client that receives and sends email , but also didn't work.

    Is there anyway to make the plugin send arabic content ,since its the best and easy one ?
    Are there any other solutions for SMTP in AMS ?

    I attached the plugin and a simple project for sending card ( U need to fill ur SMTP settings and email account to test it )
    and also i attached the project file of mindquake.

    Hope u guys give some help as usual . Thanks
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    Any Chance here Guys ??


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      The problem here is the coding ams does don't support the right charactor set I believe for that language I believe it uses utf-8 or something like that where ams is ascii that could be the problem?
      Plugins or Sources MokoX
      BunnyHop Here


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        AMS Supports the input of Arabic language , but it doesn't store it in UTF-8 , mindquake has and encoding plugin that solved the problem by converting it to utf-8, but i failed to use it with solutions above .

        The last piece in my app is this issue , and i stopped working with the project till i find the solution or guys here help me.


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          welcome Sameer valva You can do it as easily as the next image. I've done it before in one of my projects :

          used tblMailProperties.HtmlBody and tblMailProperties.Charset = "utf-8"

          SmtpT.SendMail(tblMailProperties, tblServerProperties, tblAttachments);
          good luck
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            Dear sidiamur , can copy the Code in the pic you attached because its so small and its not clear..

            Thank you so much , if it worked you will save my life


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              BTW , does this solution need SMTP Plugin or it works without any plugin ??


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                Hi Sidiamur , it seems u used the SMTP plugin and i added the properties u provided but it didnt work.

                Hope you give me a working example so i can follow.