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  • Win7 vs Win10

    Being the dinosaur that I am, for many years have stubbornly been clinging to ye old faithful WinXP - which has long been the tinkerer's OS of choice, being so good for messing around with under the hood. Yet its waste of potential for RAM space has always been an issue. Had the problems associated with the 64-bit version of WinXP been ironed out years ago, I'd be an advocator for it. But that never happened, and so WinXP aficianados were stuck in the land of x86, sacrificing untold GB of memory for the sake of their beloved OS of choice.

    But the time has come to get an old ACER desktop up and running again. So the great philosophical debate of Win-7 vs Win10 raises its ugly head. Which to install? Decisions, decisions. What is your opininion, folks?

    Should I even bother with Win10? Arghhh! Can't believe I'm even considering it! The 'big bother', and 'invasion-of-privacy' issues associated with Win10 leave my head spinning. But I'm also trying to move with the times, and to stop resisting and fighting with the ongoing flow and need for continuous upgrades.

    Just like that 'grey has become the new black', it seems to me that Win7 has become the new WinXP. So should I just install that? And be thankful that I'd no longer be a dinosaur running an ancient OS? Or should I overlook my philosophical objections to Win10, be ****ed for all eternity, and just install that?

    It's actually proving to be a difficult choice. What's your opininions, folks? Win7 or Win10? Hmmm, at this stage am thinking of abandoning Windows altogether and maybe migrating over to Linux.

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    Hiya Matey,
    Win 7 is closer to XP for using and does not have a lot of the rubbish and tracking associated with win10 [I have disabled most of that Sh#t],
    Having said that if your rig is NOT too old then you could actually install both onto the same HDD

    I have 3 versions on windows 7/8.1/10 on the one rig - a Toshiba All in One[ i7 cpu 16GB DDR3 4TB composite HDD ] LoL
    Also have XP x64 as a wmware mainly for testing


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      I would choose Windows 10 nowadays. I understand the XP nostalgia and love, I understand that people would stick to Windows 7 because it's closer to XP - however Windows 7's end of life has been announced, only critical updates are done and under the hood it's not that much different to work with than Windows 10.

      Windows 10 has diagnostics reports, but so does every iPhone or Android device. Microsoft was the last company to actually start sending stuff like this to their servers (anonymously) and announced it before they did. You can disable all those reports and keep your anonymous data to yourself, however I do send diagnostics about crashes and other issues automatically. I know what it's like to have customers say "IT DOESNT WORK FIX IT!!~!1" and then they don't send any report about the issue...

      Anyhow, IMHO, Windows 10 is a perfect replacement for Windows 7 (I skipped 8 and 8.1). Windows 7 to me was a perfect replacement for Windows XP. I would suggest to take a leap and install 10!
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        An i7, eh? LOL, I should be so lucky. Even my faithful Samsung laptop's just an i3. Nah, this thing's just an old Acer desktop being dusted off and brought back to life. Core2 Duo with just 4Gb of RAM. Never been a fan of multiboot systems anyway. So, it'll be just one or the other. Am leaning toward Win7 at this stage. Have not been able to bring myself to touch Win10, yet. Seems just too much like sacrilege. And am afreaid I might actually burn in h3ll for all eternity for even thinking about it.

        Originally posted by Imagine Programming View Post
        ... Anyhow, IMHO, Windows 10 is a perfect replacement for Windows 7 (I skipped 8 and 8.1). Windows 7 to me was a perfect replacement for Windows XP. I would suggest to take a leap and install 10!
        Hmm, well if my sensei recommends it, maybe I should reconsider?
        Are u sure I won't burn in h3ll for it, sensei?


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          Well, my old hardware is all set up and ready to receive its OS. Looks like it's gonna be Win7 Ultimate. Sorry sensei, I did give considerable thought to Win10. But theres's a scary-looking gremlin sitting on my right shoulder which keeps whispering that I'll burn in h3ll if I go ahead with a Win10 installation. He's pretty convincing, too! What can I say - I have to stay at least partially true to my better angels. Guess I'm just a purist, at heart?

          Where's Rexxy? I wanted his opinion on this one!

          Guess he must be busy with the big 'move'. Arghh - moving house is a total drag.
          Hope you like your new digs, buddy.


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            Like I said, Windows 7 is a perfect replacement for Windows 10! Either way, you'll have fun with it I think haha!
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              Well IP, guess what? I finally managed to get enough time to get Win7 up and running on my old Acer desktop. And after disabling all the annoying notifications and 'invasive stuff', I have to say, I'm really kinda liking it!

              Am running the Ultimate version which comes with a few extra 'bells and whistles' over the Pro version. And it's really a lot of fun. So much faster than WinXP, too. And an endless source of curiosity with all the differences / improvements. BitLocker and Windows Defender are 'interesting' things to play with. Even though I'll probably end up not using them, they're definitely a novelty and source of interest after migrating from an old, boring OS that doesn't have them.

              Glad I installed it. Will spend the next few days tweaking & configuring everything to perfection. And then after imaging some backups - just might be tempted to abandon my wicked, stubborn ways and check out Win10 after all?
              O-M-G, I've abandoned all my moral principles! Think I've become a 'convert', sensei !!!


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                Haha! Well yes, Windows does put you to work with all the UAC stuff and notifications. I also don't use BitLocker and Windows Defender, I use other cryptography solutions and ESET32 as AV. I'm glad you're liking it, Windows 7 was the next "Windows XP" for me! It always made me happy I skipped Vista!
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                  Well, it's been a couple of weeks or so and am really enjoying my long overdue migration over to Windows 7. Am actually having a real blast with it, Just love it!. And has actually inspired me to make a few hardware upgrades, too.

                  Gawd, I tell ya - fiddling around with the insides of an old Acer Veriton is an exercise in pure frustration. Whoever designed those things ought to be shot at high noon. And then drawn and quartered through the town square.The Veriton as to be the most fiddly piece of hardware I've ever messed with. After much swearing and cursing, finally managed to swap out the old HDD for a couple of 1TB Western Digital Blacks. LOL, there was literally about an inch-and-a-half of cable protruding from the PSU - so practically reinvented every curse word in the English language by the time I managed to get the darn SATA plugs reconnected. Wow, what a drama!

                  Anyway - leads me to the point of this post:

                  Have any of you guys had personal experience with using a Solid State Drive as your system drive? Is the difference really as good as all the hype? I'm led to understand that SSDs produce amazing boot times and are much 'snappier' to work with. So am thinking of swapping out one of my newly installed Western Digital Blacks for a small (120GB or so) SSD to use as the system drive. And then just leave the other Western Digital Black in there as the main storage drive.

                  So what do you think? Should I even bother? Are SSDs really that fast and is the difference really that noticeable? And if so, what size/brand would you recommend? Am thinking along the lines of a mid-range Kingston (or maybe another Western Digital). So let's hear it - enlighten this dinosaur!


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                    Hello bio.. just this january 2018 i made a hardware upgrade on my desktop. i bought 1 SSD a 250GB Samsung EVO, and i really love it, it make my boottime faster and open most applications faster too.. i have 2 pcs 1TB Western Digital and 1 SSD.. now just last month i also buy 128GB M.2 SSD (much more faster than usual Sata3 SSD) for my acer Laptop ang it was extremely fast now in terms of boot time and opeing applications..

                    For SSD i would recommend SAMSUNG EVO.. if you will be using it just for system or OS you can used 128GB SSD just like i used in my laptop..
                    Goodluck in making upgrades..


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                      Thanks for the feedback, telco. Yes, indeed. I've had a few Samsung HDDs over the years and have always found them very reliable. So yes, Samsung might be the way to go for an SSD too. And they're so inexpensive now - it's hard to go wrong. Looks like I can pick up a 250Gb Sata III Samsung Evo for under AUS $100 Awesome! Don't really need 250Gb for a system drive but for that price, can't hurt to have the extra space.


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                        Sorry for the late reply, I have to say and I know I loved windows 7 and used it on any PC that would let me but ....... I have to say windows 10 as become a OS that I will recommend for 90% of tasks, There are tools to stop some of the spying we hate, and like IP said there are other things that send data to MS but they do send it based on announced data.

                        Windows 10 has a few options i hate but I use tools to rip it a part a little lol I have to say the way they made windows 10 been able to support hardware that never got vista let alone 7 sypport I been able to install windows 10 to so many devices.

                        Want a old computer running for running old games and apps then build a nice old retro PC with XP lol

                        I hate MC and there tacking but there OS is supported across so many hardware platforms, it's easy to use, it keeps getting updated and getting better since they changed there release options like android and apple.

                        I believe they should stop trying to be a mobile OS and make desktops a thing again lol sick of people thinking there some kinda a hacker cos they can use a iphone

                        Windows 10 does not seem to be two bad on ram anymore it steals some at start like 2 gig but even after hard use I never seen windows steal more unless something is going wrong I would say tho you need the business version of windows 10 aka enterpirse I say this as windows have to keep there big friends happy and they do that version for me is the best.

                        I have also locked my system to 1607 so at the moment I get the stable OS but not having to worry about updates messing up, then I will update to another version when it's been patched many times lol and I know it's stable for all the things I use, let others do the per testing lol.

                        I would have to say windows 10 with the right tools to clean it up I have to say, enterpise if you can, and just stay safe on your computer, if you going to do NO NO things on your computer remove the HDD and use a portable OS that wont give you away lol simples lol

                        Sorry I missed this thread I have been popping back now and then, my net is bad at the moment so not really posting but I been reading lol

                        Also windows 7 also has big brother telnetting and other things and these do get updated to windows 10 level spying without you knowing anyway, the OS was good but it was missing alot, windows 10 how it's got out of it's diapers is growing up to be a OK but noise OS
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                          Hey, Rex. Good to hear from you. How's the new place going (apart from 'dodgy' internet connectivity)?

                          Been really happy with Win7, so it won't take much to convince me to try out Win10. Actually, am already convinced to give it a go. Still messing around with 7 - fiddling, investigating and poking around 'under the hood' so to speak. And just doing a general overhaul of everything that's accumulated on the HDDs over the years. We're talking in terabytes here, so as you can imagine it's time consuming. But is also very nice to just get all this stuff properly organized. Is a bit like dusting off the cobwebs from stuff that's been piled up in an attic for years. So when I'm done (which could take months, LOL), will start looking into Win10.

                          Besides which - after hearing it endorsed by both yourself and by IP, it's kinda hard to ignore the recommendations. So, given that it's 'thumbs up' from the both of you, 'nuff said!

                          Forum's been dead quiet for past several weeks, yeah? Not much activity from anyone it seems. Maybe some new topics are needed to arouse some interest. I would like to hear people's opinions & experiences with MONITORS if anyone's interested in sharing?

                          ie. What size/resolution people are currently using, recommended brands, etc... Thinking of upgrading myself. That's the thing with upgrading one's OS ... it's easy to get carried away like a kid in a candy store, and to want to upgrade all of one's hardware, too.