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Retrieve Data from other computer on the network

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    Hi telco ,

    1) Laptop (Computer1) you should have hard drive as shared by everyone, then in security same thing

    Step by step on win7
    [a] open in explorer - select c drive [b] select properties [c] select sharing tab [d] select advanced sharing [e] tick checkbox share this folder
    [f] share name leave as C then click permissions then tick allow full control in permissions for everyone in box
    [g]click apply then OK , then OK again in (advanced sharing dialog) then click close in properties box
    NOTE: in Win7 properties dialog you will see C:\ Shared and Network Path : \\your pcname\C
    Now select security tab
    [a] click edit button
    [b] click add button
    [c] click advanced
    [d] click find now
    [e]select everyone from search results box then click OK , click OK again (select users or groups dialog)
    [f]everyone should be selected in permissions dialog now check allow checkbox
    [g]click apply / OK
    [h] a message dialog should appear about security settings click yes
    [i] some error warnings may appear just click continue then close open dialogs

    2) You should now be able to see the drive on network from desktop (Computer2)
    3) Now map drive from right clicking on drive from windows explorer and select "map drive"

    won't let me post with pics

    I hope these instructions are clear
    PS BioHazard no worries bud
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      What !!! now pics appear? and posted
      BioHazard no worries bud


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        Originally posted by colc View Post
        What !!! now pics appear? and posted
        Told 'ya! It's a vBulletin conspiracy!.


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          Exactly which part of the concept of "This is an English speaking forum" are people having trouble with?



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            If one is fluent in a number of other computer languages - say, Visual Basic or Python for instance. By any stretch of logic, should one therefore start posting coding solutions in these other programming languages? For forum members coding in Lua? On a Lua orientated forum?

            Sigh. Think I might just give up, and go over to a Ruby-On-Rails forum where they all speak Spanish. And practice my Lua programming over there - in French maybe.


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              Hello colc.. after how manydays trying i was managed to get access on the files from other computer.. thank you for this help..