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  • Help create a database

    Hello again to all member..
    last previous month i said i need to study database with my own or self study but still have few ideas on it.

    I want to create a series of cars and save it to database with groupid as Car
    and on the same database i want also to create another groudid as Motor

    the scenario is:
    On the software i want to create first the all groups (i dont know if the word group is the right terminology on it) example: Cars, Motor, Ship, Trucks and so on..
    after that i want to add entry on it. user will select of on the group, example CAR and enter all car name and model.
    and if the user encode all the motor user will select the motor and encode all the data.
    and after encoding.. if the user select CAR on the combobox all the encoded car will display the same as the motor and other..
    i have image below i hope someone could help.. thank you.

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    before posting use the search button.................

    one example
    Hi all I have several questions for sqlite experts about checking bd data for sqlite: 1) Which sqlite command should I use to find out how many columns of data does have one table inside a db? 2) Which sqlite command could I use to find out how many tables could have inside a database? 3) How many rows


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      hello herrin thanks for the link, but on the example provide it can only display indivual not as a whole..

      example base on the example.. if i add new entry with the same name (CAR) it should be one not as indivual.. then if i select the my name all the info under my name will display.. i do photoshop base on the example see image below..

      as the image below when i select the car from the listbox all the encoded data under car will display on datagrid but i just use input here just for example.
      Is that possible?


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        Yes, it is possible to build what you want. You will need to actually invest time and learn the basics of SQL, build your database and integrate it into your application. Don't expect to find a sample project which happens to do exactly what you need. I suggest that you start with this post and start learning.