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    I give it a go with your little example little later, the files I using I would need to send you and I don't mind doing that my problem is my internet can't even down load a few megs without crashing so that's kind of out of the picture lol

    Main aim right now is been able to grab the needed files to run MC and run it, as eula says we have to request them files form mojang problem is I think I might need a 3ed party downloading opiton since AMS is erm CRAP at downloading files lol

    I still playing with bat files at the moment making sure I can boot the game, sadly getting skins to work is almost impossible right now but the game thinks we are offline/cracked lanuchers when we not a launcher at all lol but that is not a problem.

    The end goal will be to have the mc download play and be able to be modded and server owners will be able to brand the client and know it's safe as lua is easy to read and not going to confuse anyone custom laucher settings will have there server as a update download rather then myself.

    There will be other mc tools and I hope a mod downloader two but just getting this part to work nicely is a task lol BUT I doing more then I was before some of the lanuchers I used in the past can't run the new version of minecraft and we are now able to from a bat file so that's all good.

    Only thing I see with you example what could be little more work ....... never mind I just made that mute as I no longer changing the java's runtimes appdata folder I giving the app the full path never mind lol
    Plugins or Sources MokoX