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Web Object ( Alternative ebedded Browser )

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  • Web Object ( Alternative ebedded Browser )

    Hi ,

    Is there any way to make Web Object use a Firefox or chrome browser, because the embedded browser inside the web object has some issues and give some errors when opening some sites.

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    Asked and answered a few months back, buddy.
    See posts 5 to 7 in this thread:


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      hehehe i really looked on this post and followed kingzooly's method since i found it easy to apply, i put the PHP Codes on startup and on shutdown and replaced the chrome.exe but it didnt work.

      I will go through your post there and follow it and come back to u.


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        No one to this day as gotten anything but IE to work, my post there shows you how to make sure your using a more up to date IE bin rather then the stock version I think it uses 6 or 8 one of them where the code I put makes it to 11, and you put your exe's name there not chrome, but hey good luck with it all
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