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    I thought I would post what I am working on, and update the post while I am working on it, reason? just so we can feed some activity back in to the site.

    for the last year or so I been working on a Minecraft Launcher in AMS and a modded game launcher, took some of the work out for the end user but now I got to a place where I know
    how to start the game where I like to cut out the modded lanucher and become the lanucher myself.

    I have so far tested loading different versions of the game with and without mods and I got that working, I have downloaded the launcher settings for that given game in AMS
    NOW the fun part is dealing with JSON, this is where I wish shadow was about lol he was epic at this kinda of stuff.

    I have included the button images I used in the button creator for my UI but I don't think I will stay with the look I leave it for testing only

    In the help thread IP also helped create the offline UUID thanks but that is useful for this and also in making mod tools for servers that use the offline UUID.
    I haven't got much more yet as I hate JSON tables so I been little slow and I have to relearn some things been dyslexic and unwell means info was deleted
    in my head lol

    Tasks I really need to do, download version json file, get path and json files and download them for that given version when we run the game, why is this part important?
    Well A it sticks with minecrafts eula and also means I can do a premium account support as I can session in a user, I have done this before in AMS but didn't handle the
    pass on to the launcher so it would create problems now I can deal with the session myself I shouldn't have the same problems I had.

    This might sound easy but if your a MC player look in your .minecraft folder you see loads of needed folders like assets, libraries and versions and these folds hold
    many files.

    I will post ideas, updates and even code I think others can use here when I do more

    So AMS can be used for more then JUST little apps a lanucher like app is kinda a big deal in the MC world deff for custom servers to have there brand on a lanucher.
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    Amazing...Im veryy sure that most of us (beginners) will learn a lot from your project especially the JSON part and how to call and send data through web with JSON files.

    Go Forward and i wish you all the luck with your project.


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      Nice work bud! Here's an example on how you can convert JSON to a simple Lua table and in addition to that, a debug function for tables. I based the JSON handling on this pure Lua JSON library which is very easy to include in your globals section.

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        Epic man thanks I will give that a look I really don't like me UI so I had a day or two away from it but this might help I really do need to re learn this stuff
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