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Button and Font Scaling problem - Paying $25 Paypal for fix

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  • Button and Font Scaling problem - Paying $25 Paypal for fix

    I am having a problem with the button and font scaling for my DVD menus. When you hover over the button it blocks the font on the bottom. I guess I could just make the button smaller, but the font problem I can not fix. When the user increases the font dpi of their windows desktop diplay to 125%(Medium) or 150%(Large) to make the font easier to read, the font scales up and gets cut off. I have included pics and the AMS and iso test files.You can use Deamon Tools to run iso. If anyone can find a solution or write a simple plug-in to fix email me at [email protected] and I will pay you $25. Email is best, as I only check in here every few days. Thanks

    ISO file:

    AMS file:

    Email me for files if you can not download.

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    There are issues you need to address first.
    Check your PM.


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      the answer is also for this request....................
      I make basic Menu boxes for my DVDs and if a user has changed their desktop display settings to Medium (125%) or Larger (150%) to make the desktop easier to read, the font becomes to big and you only see part of it. The funny thing is the font inside the menu buttons is fine though. Any ideas to fix?

      Originally posted by JoeMoma View Post
      ................ and I will pay you $25. Email is best, as I only check in here every few days. .
      your statement is pathetic

      Click image for larger version

Name:	125.PNG
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Name:	150.PNG
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ID:	301860 [ATTACH]n301858[/ATTACH]


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        No, you've misunderstood his request. He's seeking a solution to problems caused by user changes to the DPI (ie. custom text size) encountered when the user selects a text size greater than 100% (96 DPI). Rizla's 'Display Settings DLL' addresses screen-resolution, not DPI changes. You've confused / conflated the two issues. Adjust your DPI to 150% (144 DPI) or to 200% (192 DPI) and you'll notice your demo becomes unusable.

        This is by no means any easy solution. And as has been correctly pointed out in other threads, is likely to become an increasingly prevalent issue with the ongoing roll-out of Ultra High Definition (4K) monitors whereby users start adjusting DPI settings to make text easier to read from a distance. At this stage, my suggestion would be to limit application page height to no more than 540px (inclusive of title bar) so that at least the window handle doesn't disappear altogether when the user selects 200% (192 DPI) at 1920 x 1080 resolution (still probably the most commonly encountered resolution regardless of DPI).

        Beyond that, I would experiment with Ulrich's DPI Scaling Sample which successfully addresses this issue on the Rich Text object at each of the aforementioned DPI settings. The link for that is here:

        Originally posted by herrin View Post
        ...your statement is pathetic
        Ouch. Was that really necessary? I doubt there's a single forum member here who really gives a toss about payment. And most will freely offer up assistance if they can give it. I think the ($)amount was offered up simply as a 'token' gesture - because he's been seeking a solution to this particular issue for quite some time. Play nice!


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          thank you for your suggestion....

          I understood but he would not have problems setting the objects appropriately .... see screen attachments 125/150 dpi.

          the use of the rizlauk dll for any read problems


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            Thanks for the helpful suggestions. I didn't mean to offend anyone. The problem was the Rich Text objects do not scale correctly at DPI greater than 100%. Col Crouch and others have emailed me alternates to using Rich Text the should work for my purposes. The AMS file I posted was just a simple sample of the problem. The problem is now resolved.