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  • gd.lua

    Where do I get gd.lua library o module, sorry for may bad inglish, please help me

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    This is your fourth post on the matter, perhaps you should consider a little patience.

    I saw that someone referred you to gd.lua in one of your other posts, however you could also use Draw (which is free now) to load an image, resize it and save it again.
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      Gracias voy a hecharle un vistazo. Sobre lo de la paciencia tiene usted razón, pero voy aprendiendo en el camino y la tendré. Gracias.


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        El corrector automático alteró todo el texto. Quise decir que sobre la paciencia, tiene usted razón, voy aprendiendo en el camino y la tendré.


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          Hi ,
          This is an ENGLISH speaking forum - please use English or translator
          Just for you -
          Usa el inglés o no publiques


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            Like one person said please English and if you already know you need to wait why would it matter if your new, it means you have more time to read the manuals, drink the coffee and learn the lingo while all at the same time you try your hardest to do it yourself then when all fails then we are happy to help, spamming, pushing or just demanding and also not following the basic rule of programming and that is most of it's in English for a good reason, easy to translate in to most all langanges, and the forum is clearly in English, please think next time, thanks.
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              Hi. Thank you all for your advice. Sorry to use another language, it will not happen again. Regarding the option to publish in English or not to publish, I'm going to stay with publishing in English. On the subject of personal effort, believe me I have pushed it to the limit. I spent more than a year developing my software only with the help of Autoplay because I had no possibility of accessing the Internet. Only a month ago I have access and I discover this magnificent forum with such great people and full of knowledge and I am very happy to be accepted among you. Believe me that when I ask for help it will be because I can not find an exit. I leave the mistakes behind. Thank you all.