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Apps slowing using TIMER?

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  • Apps slowing using TIMER?

    Im trying to experiment using Page Timer and DialogEx Timer.
    I noticed that when the application using Timer of 100 example: Page.StartTimer(100, 1)
    then the application started to slow because it cause a very High CPU usage.
    When timer is on CPU usage goes to 25-30% when stop cpu usage just 5-10%

    Any solutions about this?

    Thank you if anyone can provide solutions..

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    Page.StartTimer(100, 1)
    Means that the timer will execute the code 1000 time in each one second


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      Hi telco ,
      Not sure what's causing this but in my tests using CMU plugin, it does show an increase in cpu load, but having said that in Task Manager the increase
      is really nothing.
      I am using an i7 2.4Ghz processor with 12Gb Ram.Here's a small sample app for you to test. Plugin included (Action folder)

      PS startup
      Page.StartTimer(100, 1) is 10 times a sec and ID is 1 (so RTFM or your maths is terrible)


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        Hello colc the timer causing the app to act a lagg, i want to try to create a simple game that the image go fly arround the page and sometimes i need timer (Page.StartTimer(1,1) and this cause much more cpu usage making the app to behave lagg or slow..
        I also used Global Timer plugin still have the issue.


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          Originally posted by colc View Post

          PS startup
          Page.StartTimer(100, 1) is 10 times a sec and ID is 1 (so RTFM or your maths is terrible)
          That is right

          and also the code inside the timer may be need to debug


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            telco Try this - It had no effect on my Win7 running an Intel i5 - if sample runs fine then you have a problem with your code



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              Please remember AMS is single threaded you are very limited on what you can do, so if your code is two taxing on the timer it will just eat resource and mostly crash your app, post your on timer code so people can see what is happening also make the timer tigger longer I made RPG like games in AMS and puttiing the timer two low will create problems.
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                Thank for all your reply here.. since my experiement goes not good maybe i will comeup with other experments again lol...
                my codes is very disgusting on this part,