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  • Button Properties Script Help...

    Last time I used AMS was version 6 (many years ago). So I am very rusty.

    I am putting together a prototype GUI and program and I'm sure I will turn to all the talent here in the forum many times for advice and guidance.

    My first obstacle is that I want a stock button (1044_0002.btn) that shows on my GUI to change to a different color (or same size different color button) when it is clicked. At this point, I don't need it to take any action - like load a page or open anything. I just want it to change color to show that it is selected.

    I'm not talking about changing the text color - but the actual button color (or different button like 1043_0002.btn).

    What I am working towards is a way a user can select several different options of their choice on the GUI so that when the program loads it will include those options.

    Any ideas or advice will be most helpful - or if you can point me to documentation or previous posts, I'm happy to participate in my learning endeavor.

    A great big thanks in advance.

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    here an example.....
    for further help we will have to examine apz



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      extract the png format from the button (7zip is fine)
      compose the button you need and set script

      Click image for larger version

Name:	screen.PNG
Views:	151
Size:	26.7 KB
ID:	302806

      Click image for larger version

Name:	screen2.PNG
Views:	85
Size:	125.7 KB
ID:	302807


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        Yes herrin explanation is correct her's another example

        Click image for larger version

Name:	pic10.png
Views:	73
Size:	15.4 KB
ID:	302813 Click image for larger version

Name:	pic11.png
Views:	72
Size:	15.1 KB
ID:	302814



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          Thank you so very much!

          I was able to accomplish what I wanted - with the instructions you provided.

          I opened the .apz file and previewed the button project.

          I double-clicked and opened the included .btn file in the button maker.

          I noted which colors and states you had for your samples.

          I opened photoshop and made the buttons I needed in the colors I wanted.

          I saved them according to your samples.

          I opened the button maker from inside my AMS and made my button.

          I made sure to select the toggle (style) from the button properties box.

          I previewed it and it worked like a charm.

          Again, thanks so very much.