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    Okay... round two.

    My second page has 25 links for samples of audio and video files used in my program.

    What I would like to happen is when a customer clicks on one of the links in the list the AMS Media Player loads in a predetermined location (it can stay open in that location - it does not need to close). It should play the selected sample in the Media Player one time and then stop.

    When a customer clicks another link from the list it will load and play that one in the same Media Player.

    I realize the link will need actions entered into the script area to get the action to happen - I just have no idea what actions are needed, or on which event.

    Any assistance will be appreciated - or kindly link me to a forum post that might help me understand the process and pitfalls.

    Thanks a bunch...

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    It is hard to work out what you are trying to do without a sample of your apz.
    Are you using a listbox? Is your app going to run from DvD? What type of files to use with mediaplayer?
    Is mediaplayer on same page or another?

    Here is a sample of how to play audio files from listbox to mediaplayer, very basic just shows how to fill listbox then when file selected play it
    media test.apz


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      Thanks, charliechaps,

      Here is the .apz of the page in question.

      Thanks for any help or assistance - greatly appreciated.



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        see if this is right for you

        to allow re-use of the label
        delete the string
        Properties.Enabled = false

        14mb *******


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          Hey peltierrobson,
          Hey herrin,
          My approach is more basic but can be more educational with AMS in this case?
          What do you think?

          new_ links_to_media_player.apz

          Okay for round three?


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            Hi peltierrobson you have a lot going on on that page, I was modding your sample before herrin and Alain posted
            I have not checked theirs yet
            Any labels that are not underlined I have added code to show what can be done instead of using Quick Actions as you used in project that
            is why Media Player was opening up outside of project


            PS Alain from all the info I have checked there is NO WAY to make your Desktop transparent only objects on it


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              Thanks for everybody's help. The audio and video links now load just the way I need them.

              However, I do still need two tweaks...

              #1 - I'd like it so when the customer originally goes to the page that they see the tree image that is located in the center near the bottom.

              When they click on the first link then the Media Player loads in the location above the tree image.

              The Media Player can remain open.

              #2 - I want to change the "click" button text color. I can't seem to change it to any other color - it always shows up as light gray.

              Thanks in advance...



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                Hi, I think you should sit down and read the manual that said to make the Media Player not to show when page opens the script is
                Plugin set visible = false then when you click on a label before loading audio/video you use plugin set visible = true (it's all in the help)
                As the code already given when you click on label it sets it disabled so you change the disabled color to suite


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                  Hello again @charliechaps,

                  First, I'd like to thank you for your patience and assistance. I am a noob, but I am very interested in learning the program better.

                  Your .apz showed me exactly what I needed.

                  I wish for you the best of everything!

                  Thanks again...