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Edit text on SWF or Flash is it posible?

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  • Edit text on SWF or Flash is it posible?

    Hello guys.. i have a created swf file and inserted to my project. the swf file has only Text example the text is CONTINUE, is there a way to edit the text in the AMS to change into something?

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    Hey telco,

    You've been kinda quiet, lately. Happy that you're still here, buddy.

    Have a look at the attached examples - which show 2 different approaches to manipulating text with Flash files. These are updates of some Flash marquees made back in 2010 under my old Requiem avatar (original thread here ). Demonstrates manipulation of text with Flash, either externally via textfile or internally via string. (The original .fla source has been included in the Flash folder if you wish to recompile the .swf file).

    There's a general consensus that Flash is outdated and insecure. And many people don't even have Flash installed these days. So if using it, be sure to include a check for the Adobe Flash ActiveX Control by using the built-in Dependencies check under the Project menu. (Or alternatively, code in your own dependency-check function like in the examples here).

    Personally, for this kind of thing, I'd avoid Flash altogether and opt instead for using an external JScript file embedded in a Web object. (See 3rd attached example). But that's just me.

    Hope these help.
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      Hello BioHazard thanks for the response.. hmm i will check this samples..
      But to give you more detail.. i have an existing .swf file which is created in the third party application, and the swf file contains a text animation.. now how i am able to manipulate the text of the swf file using AMS?


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        You don't ...

        AMS just calls the existing parameters within the SWF file. So you'd first need to edit the SWF via the action script (the .fla source) from which the SWF was compiled. And then call those parameters from AMS.

        This is the basic premise:

        in your action script (.fla source):
        on (press) {
        in the On FSCommand event of the AMS Flash object :
        if (e_FSCommand == "yourVariable") then
            -- do something here


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          Sorry, I should probably also clarify that if you know the variable name assigned to the Flash function responsible for the text, then you can set its value via the Flash.SetFlashVariable() action.
          Flash.SetFlashVariable("Flash1", "yourFlashFunctionVariable", yourAMSVariable);


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            So, let's take this a step further for you ...

            If for example, you were to decompile the globe.swf from the AMS \Gallery\Flash folder to examine its action script, you could identify a relevant variable name at play with which we can manipulate text:

            So using the variable name assigned to the text function in the SWF's action script, we can pass any string to that variable from AMS, viz.
            Flash.SetFlashVariable("Flash1","Message","Your text here");
            Example is atttached
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