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    Hello again,

    And thank you for your previous help.

    I do have a couple of other things that I'm trying to accomplish and will appreciate the help of this community.

    This first thing I need to do should be simple, and I'm totally fine with doing it on my own. But, I've spent several days searching the forum and the resources on Indigio Rose. No luck.

    I simply want to get a drop down box to jump to the specific pages.

    I tried using Page.Jump("How-to Guide"); in the item data field, but that doesn't seem to open any page.

    Thanks for your help.

    Drop Down.apz

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    I answered to all your posts sent to Indigo Rose technical support. Messages were sent to both of your email addresses - company and gmail, with and without a fully working project, modified to perform all the actions you described (although this is not really a task of product support). As you your questions repeatedly, you received replies that you should check your spam/junk folder. I even replied using my personal email on April 16 to make you aware of the problem. Please search for replies sent on April 3, 5, 11 and 16. This screenshot is from April 11, sent per direct email:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	SCRN-2019-04-19-01.png
Views:	107
Size:	66.4 KB
ID:	303054

    I reply to customers from all over the world every day, and they all receive replies sent from Indigo Rose technical product support. Before posting about having no luck contacting Indigo Rose, I advise you to check your mailbox carefully for discarded messages and/or use mailboxes next time where our messages are not blocked.

    Last edited by Ulrich; 04-19-2019, 06:10 AM. Reason: blurred email


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      select = ComboBox.GetSelected("ComboBox1")
      if select == 2 then
      if select == 3 then


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        I am so very sorry. I do see from your screenshot that you replied to my requests. The thing is that I never received any emails other than the auto-generated email at the beginning.

        I have searched my spam and my trash and simply do not find anything. I even whitelisted indigorose.

        I'm sure to you it looks like I'm a pain... I'm really not. I simply did not receive any email and was concerned. I used your support years ago and it was awesome. I have no fault with you or the support team. I simply had not received any response.

        Also, please understand I did not say that I had no luck contacting Indigo Rose in this post - I simply said I had no luck finding the info I was looking for in the resources on your website.

        So, once again, I sincerely apologize if I have in any way disparaged you or the support team. It was never my intent.

        How can we proceed? Are we OK?


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          herrin -

          Thanks so much, your code was just what I was looking for.


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            If you have an email address different to [email protected] and [email protected], please let me know and I can re-send my former reply with explanations. Here is the modified project I provided previously.
            Attached Files


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              Thank you so much for the .apz file. Everything works perfectly.

              I did send an alternative email address to the support email address.

              Thanks again.


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                Thank you, the email was sent. Please let me know if you received it this time.



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                  Originally posted by Ulrich View Post
                  If you have an email address different to [email protected] and [email protected], please let me know and I can re-send my former reply with explanations. Here is the modified project I provided previously.
                  Hi Ulrich, I see you censoring the email addresses here - however in the screenshot you posted earlier some information is fully readable. Just an observation, perhaps you could blur that out if your intention was not to share it.
                  Bas Groothedde
                  Imagine Programming :: Blog

                  AMS8 Plugins
                  IMXLH Compiler


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                    Argh. Thanks for that. Without previous consent, I avoid posting an email publicly - sorry that I missed it here.