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    As some of you know for as long as I been a member here I worked on and off with a RPG engine in ams, it started early life in 6x and moved swiftly over to the 7x platform but I never really moved forward with it much, having sprites working was one thing I never really had a story to make a demo I did partner with someone for a while to create the engine with there story meaing I got more done like sprites and action and blocking triggers working in the engine, this was as far as I got really as they pulled ship with no story I had no real path to take it.

    I redid the hole engine again in 8x this is because I still liked the idea This time getting basic triggers for menus actions, return and blocking sprite + animation working but I lost hart in it all, but a few people have said dude get it going again, I still have no working story yet but a few things I have to get working first.

    One is light simulation I was told to move over to draw but it's a new thing to learn what would take my heart away from it again plus the platform is already created in the ams based grid I don't believe learning something I don't understand will help me support it later so I have to come up with a better way to mimi light and dark, one way I was thinking was maybe a image what moved with the player what was the shadow but problem is lighting would still mess with this shadowing so I not sure how I will create this just yet

    But the point of this post is to say Thanks IP, my wife, a few friends what others wont know for making me see this project should live.
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    Video of the game engine been played with a xbox one controller only time I used the keyboard was to type test

    Seems vimeo is no longer supported for videos
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