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    Guys, please tell me how in the AMC to determine the presence of a sound signal in the system? Well, that is I have a task to determine whether the music is playing in the system or not?

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    No way to detect directly from an internal system source, using just plain Lua (that I'm aware of). Notoriously difficult and specific to a system's audio hardware, too. You can however, detect for an audio signal indirectly, via line input (such as via a laptop's internal microphone). The attached demo shows how - but has a couple of shortcomings:
    • It can't distinguish whether the signal is coming from an internal or external source. It treats both as one in the same.
    • Is dependent on a line-input actually being present on the target system, otherwise it will return an error.
    Not exactly what you requested, I know. But is the closest solution I know of.
    See if it's of any use.

    You can adjust the signal-detection's sensitivity level via the nAmbient variable in Page On Show (currently set at '3'). Lower the value for greater sensitivity (and vice-versa)

    Nb. Memory Plugin (v2.0.0.0) is required: here
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      Thank you very much! Even such an example is very useful.