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how to make a USB act like a DVD

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  • how to make a USB act like a DVD

    When I put a DVD into my computer it automatically opens with a menu screen that allows me to choose a movie by selecting the appropriate button. Can someone tell me if it's possible to create an
    Autoplay Media Studio 8
    file for a USB stick that acts the same way as a DVD. Currently when I create and publish an
    Autoplay Media Studio 8
    menu with buttons that play a selection of movie files, I get a folder with the project name containing a number of files including one called 'autorun' which initiates the menu screen. I can copy this folder to a USB stick for clients to view, but for those who aren't computer savvy, stepping into this folder and then selecting 'autoplay' requires some explanation. This diminishes the value of the USB stick as a marketing tool. Is it possible to create a file that automatically brings up a menu when the USB stick is inserted into the computer, or alternatively, an icon at the top file level with
    the project name
    that can be pressed to initiate the interactive menu screen. Many thanks Ingo Helbig

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    function disabled from w7

    to create a usb autorun you can use SamLogic USB Autorun Creator
    tested and running a couple of years ago on W7 x64


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      try this

      format USB support
      extract the zip files in the USB support



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        Thanks for your help herrin. Would you mind giving a little more explanation to your answer beginning 'try this'. What do you mean by 'format USB support'. What/where is USB support? I think I need the idiots version of your answer …. many thanks.